събота, 22 юли 2017 г.

Peak Otovitza - Day Two in Rila

Our second day in Rila started early. From Ivan Vazov Hut we climbed Otovitza peak (2696 m) and then hiked along the ridge of the mountain, enjoying the glorious views from all sides, including the view to all of the Seven lakes at once. The path took us back to Razdela, from where we climbed down by the lakes again, walked through the large plateaus above the Djemdema river, down to Rila Lakes Hut and through a very treacherous and overgrown path back to Pionerska Hut.

Ivan Vazov Hut in the early morning

Small Kalin Peak and Karagyol lake

The Pazardere valley

Up the hill. At some point we lost the trail and hiked the peak vertically through the grasses

Otovitza peak

The views from the peak are magnificent - the entire Rila at a glance

The ridge of Otovitza and Malyovitza in the distance

The valley of Otovitza river and lake Otovitza (peak, lake, river named the same)

The Eye lake. There is a direct path to the lake, but we preferred the longer scenic path along the ridge
On the peak

The horses were grazing quietly near the trail. I was a little uneasy to pass them by, but they were not at all impressed by us

The Tear lake, Lake peak and Haramilyata

The prize picture  - all of the Seven lakes at a glance

Horned lark, protected species

The cal Razdela again

The blue waters of the Eye lake, where we had our snacks

The plateau with the Sunny meadow and peak Otovitza in the distance

Horses, waiting to take tourists, unwilling or unable to walk, to the lakes

Back down the path to Pionerska hut

петък, 21 юли 2017 г.

Two Days in Rila. The Seven Rila Lakes

Husband and I had a mini-break in the Rila mountains this week. We drove to Pionerska Hut and from there hiked up to the Seven Rila lakes, along the ridge of the mountain to Razdela and down the valley of Bistritza river (every third river in Bulgaria seems to be named Bistritza (clear water) :) to Ivan Vazov Hut, where we spent the night.
We hiked to the Seven Rila lakes a few years ago together with a tourist group, organized transport and using the chair lift from Pionerska Hut to Rila Lakes Hut. This time we felt experienced enough to organize the hike by ourselves and to climb the path from Pionerska to the lakes without the help of the chair lift.

Along the path from Pionerska to Rila lakes

Lilium martagon, protected species in Bulgaria

The first lake

7 lakes Hut and the second lake

Husband resting near the third lake
The third lake

The forth lake - The Twins

The fifth lake - the Kidney

The small river, which connects the sixth lake - the Eye with the Twins

The deep blue waters of the Eye - 35 m deep

The Eye - my favourite

On top of the the Lake Peak (2560 m)

The seventh lake - the Tear

The col Razdela, cross point of various tracks in Rila

The picturesque valley Pazardere of river Bistritza, with Ivan Vazov hut in the distant center, peak Otovitza to the right and the Kalin peaks to the left

Sunset over the valley

четвъртък, 13 юли 2017 г.

Butterfly Dress

My latest occupation - sewing dresses. My first attempt - a dress for me, is still unfinished and looking not very promising, but the second - the dress for Gaby, is sort of wearable :)

The fabric is thin printed cotton and the pattern - a modification of Burda 03 / 2013, dress 118. I needed a dress pattern with princess seams and this was the only one I found in my Burda issues. I used only the upper part of the design and I cut it to the armholes, adding spaghetti straps.

To make the dress easier to put on, I added 10 cm to the back piece and then sewed elastic thread to gather the back piece. Because the fabric is quite thin, I lined the bodice of the dress with the same thin cotton in off white color.

The lower part is simple gathered rectangular. The fit is not perfect because the neckline is a bit wide for Gaby, but it's a wearable muslin. Nevertheless she claims she loves it and finds it's breezy light texture very comfy in our hot summer days.
I plan to make another one in high quality viscose, but we'll see how long the sewing bug will hold me :)

Scenes from Ahtopol, on the Black Sea